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Helping And Supporting Da Community

At Love Da Beat Radio we offer a range of services through our community portal of Love Da Beat Community.  We understand that the community play a huge roll in our society and we want to make sure that the young people who live around us stay on the right track and live better lives.  Below details what we do:

Kids Corner

Kids Corner Show

The Kids Corner Show is a show designed for young people 12 years and under.  This is to boost their confidence, public speaking skills and reading skills whilst learning the basic functionalities of how radio works.  The show is each and every Saturday and Sunday 10AM till midday and is absolutely FREE.  To book your child on the show, click here BOOK KIDS CORNER SHOW. You can also follow the shows Instagram on @kidscornershow. 

School Workshops

With our school workshop programme, we engage and push young people to be a better version of themselves. We go into schools and work with groups of young people, who are struggling in an main stream environment and who may potentially be a cause for concern. The aim is to boost their educational and behavioural outlook within school and home, by involving the parents and teachers, so that it is a multi disciplinary effort. For the pupil to be accepted on the program, they are sat down and set the targets to, With the children completing the course, they walk away with the following skills:

•Team building

•Public speaking


•Research skills

•Acknowledgement of surroundings

•Self pride

•Engage with their school work

•Complete all homework

•Be on their best behaviour in class

•Behave at home


This then motivates the child to want to engage with the targets, to complete the course. If the child does not stick to the agreed targets, they will not take part on the workshop. This is with our qualified STEM ambassadors.

To book a youth workshop please e-mail info@lovedabeatradio.co.uk


Traineeships And Work Experience

We accept students from colleges and universities, who are seeking work experience or want to complete a traineeship with us.

Students need to contact their student unions or tutors to email us on info@lovedabeatradio.co.uk  

One To One Mentoring

At LDBR, We offer a mentoring programme to try and help prevent, young people going down the wrong path. To guide them to the right one. Things to look out for In a young person, that could be a potential issue:

•A sudden change in attitude

•Aggressive and destructive behaviour

•Not attending school

•Hanging around with people older than them

•Taking an interest in drugs/weapons or both

•Arriving home late

•Constantly getting into trouble with the police

•Unexplained money and expensive items

•Being secretive about what they are doing and who they are with •Returning home with unexplained injuries or looking dishevelled


Children and young people associated with gangs are in general extremely vulnerable. Children may join gangs for a number of reasons:

•For protection from others; gangs, groups or peers

•To feel accepted or a sense of belonging

•For a sense of identity

•For respect

•Because siblings, family members or partners are gang members •For excitement

•For status amongst peers and others

•Because they feel like it’s the ‘norm’

•For friends and acceptance

•For potential sexual/romantic partners

•For financial gain and other rewards

•Out of fear, intimidation or threats

•As a result of being groomed or recruited by gang leaders, children may think that being in a gang may be exciting or rewarding, but the reality is very different.


Being part of a gang puts children and young people at risk of: •Committing crime

•Dealing, trafficking or taking drugs

•A criminal record and higher risk of ending up in prison

•Violence or death


At love da beat radio, we offer a free one to one mentoring service with young people to manage their expectations and to guide them onto the right path.

To download our referral form click the link below:

Referral Form download PDF

Then email it to info@lovedabeatradio.co.uk

Colleagues at Work
Teacher & Student
Back of a group of volunteers


At Love Da Beat Radio we offer a wide range of volunteer roles, to help out with the station. We are looking for those who have a passion for radio and keen to get their foot in the door to help grow and support our station.

We are looking for the following:

  • Volunteer Social Media Assistant

  • Volunteer Presenters

  • Volunteer Admin

  • Volunteer Content Designer

  • Volunteer Videographer

  • Volunteer Marketing Assistant 

  • Volunteer Sound Engineer


If you are interested in one of our roles, please email us on info@lovedabeatradio.co.uk

Drug And Alcohol Groups - Coming Soon

At Love Da Beat Radio we offer a wide range of community services for people in need.  We will be having groups where people who are trying to recover from drugs and alcohol and want to work towards a full recovery and detox, a safe space to be able to come and talk about their journey.

If you are interested in one of our groups or know anyone who will benefit from this, please email us on info@lovedabeatradio.co.uk

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